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All your crack are belong to us.

[The Crack Thereof.]

Brib and Mystic
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We are Mystic and Brib and we like to write crackfic. We're both Neville fangirls, in love with Kikumaru Eiji, and quite fond of corn (the vegetable and the puns). mysticblueside writes mostly Prince of Tennis and bribitribbit writes mostly Harry Potter (though they're both versatile).
corn opera, draco's snark, fuji the hairless wonder, golden pair, harry potter, insanity is good, inuiburns, musicals, neville/susan, oishi's fish, pirate seigaku, pot poetry, prince of tennis, puff the magic badger, ryomastache, singing trousers, strawberry milk, the ballad of trousers, the brib-mystic corn company, trevor, vanilla